Saturday, 22 November 2014

Premier League Predictions - Week 12

  Chelsea v West Brom [Saturday]

Chelsea have been outstanding so far this season. People now expect them to win every game.

They host West Brom at the Bridge, many Chelsea fans will be expecting another win.

West Brom were robbed last season when they visited Stamford Bridge. I believe they haven't forgotten what happened. They were denied a win when the ref awarded Chelsea a controversial penalty in the dying minutes, then ended up going home with a point.

This Chelsea team is much better than that of last season. West Brom will find it tough to even get a point in this game.

Prediction: 2-0

Everton v West Ham [Saturday]

Everton's form this season has been inconsistent.  They will have to step up to beat West Ham though.

West Ham have been flying this season, they will go into this game with no fear.

This should be an interesting game, very hard to call.

Prediction: 2-1

Leicester v Sunderland [Saturday]

Leicester have been woeful since they beat United 5-3, they have been losing games.

Maybe they have been found out and i think after the win against United people now take them seriously. They have to find a way to stop the poor run of form.

Sunderland are gaining confidence gradually, they are not a terrible side they just need belief.

Both teams are struggling with confidence, a win will do either team a lot of good.

Prediction: 1-1

Man City v Swansea [Saturday]

City lost to West Ham in their last game, this is the time to step up, they have been playing below par this season.  They have a game against Bayern coming up, too. They are really under pressure.

This is a game City have to win. Swansea have been good this season, i'm sure after beating Arsenal they will be hoping they can get a decent result in this game.

This should be an interesting game. Swansea will give them a game.

Prediction: 2-1

Newcastle v QPR [Saturday]

Newcastle are really playing well, they can't stop winning at the moment. Some weeks ago it was all doom and gloom.

QPR looks to be gaining confidence each game, they haven't been all that poor of late, there are encouraging signs. They look to be improving.

I expect Newcastle to win here, not that QPR won't pose much threat, i just see Newcastle winning this.

Prediction: 2-1

Stoke v Burnley [Saturday]

Stoke are too inconsistent this season, they have been poor at home so far. They need to start winning at home again.

Burnley will be hoping to get a point in this game, they don't look like they can score much, so they will be hoping they can score a goal and maybe defend it. I don't think they will leave with a point though.

Stoke, to me, will be too powerful for Burnley to handle.

Prediction: 2-0

Arsenal v Man United [Saturday]

Wenger's reluctance to buy a defender and defensive midfielder during the transfer window is haunting him and his side so far this season. If he had done that they would be coping well with all the injuries and they won't be conceding or losing games after taking the lead.

Both teams are struggling at the back, i think United have more defensive problems than Arsenal.

I think Arsenal will cope better than United in this game, many players are injured for United, this should just help Arsenal win the game.

I'm expecting an exciting game, there will be many good forwards in this game, i hope we will see more goals.

Prediction : 2-1

Crystal Palace v Liverpool [Sunday]

Sturridge's new injury setback will really affect Liverpool this season.  They were hoping that he would be fit for their season to pick up but that didn't happen.

Palace won't care whether Sturridge is fit or not, they will be hoping they can win this game.  I really think Liverpool will struggle in this game, they seem to have lost hope in the players they have, especially their forwards.

Prediction: 1-1

Hull v Tottenham [Sunday]

Hull will want to capitalise on Spurs' poor form and low morale.  They have to because they are not really playing well at the moment. A win against Spurs at home will give them a boost.

Spurs are so poor at the moment, they look confused at times in games. They are not playing as a team, their manager has to step up, his players and team lacks organisation.

Prediction :2-1

Aston v Southampton [Monday]

Aston Villa just don't know what to do at the moment. They look lost. And they are playing against a very good team. This will be a tough game for them for sure.

Southampton have been flying so far this season,  they can't stop winning at the moment. This should be another routine win for them, Villa won't pose too much threat to them.

Prediction: 1-2

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