Friday, 7 November 2014

Premier League Predictions - Week 11


 Liverpool v Chelsea [Saturday]

No matter what Brendan Rodgers says about his team selection against Real Madrid in the champions league, it won't disguise the fact that he threw in the towel even before a ball was kicked.

His team selection was a disgrace. He portrayed Liverpool like a little club by that team selection.

Let's see if he will play the team he used against Madrid against Chelsea.

Chelsea haven't really been playing well of late. But i don't think Liverpool will pose much threat to them because Liverpool are short of confidence.

Mourinho never attacks in big games, he won't attack Liverpool in this game and Liverpool won't want to lose this game too. Rodgers will be in trouble if they lose this game. That will make him play cautiously.

I don't think this will be an entertaining game, i see both teams playing not to lose. I hope i'm proved wrong though.

Prediction: 1-1

Burnley v Hull [Saturday]

Burnley are yet to win a game this season and i don't think they will get it against Hull.

Against Arsenal they were compact and defended well, against Hull they have to come out and attack. And that is why i think they will struggle.

Hull will be disappointed if they don't get at least a point in this game. They know they are playing a team that is yet to win in the league this season, they will be confident of a result.

Predicton: 1-2

Man United v Crystal Palace [Saturday]

Man United played well against City last weekend especially when they were down to ten men. But i honestly felt they were able to do so because of City's current poor form. They shouldn't really use that as a proof of a return to form. As we saw in the champions league, City are still poor.

This game will show if Man U are stepping up or not. They have to play with determination and conviction.

Palace won't make things easy for them though. They will be hoping they can stop United from scoring.

Prediction: 2-1

Southampton v Leicester [Saturday]

Southampton so far have been unbelievable. Playing good football and winning games. They have the best defence in the league too. They have conceded only five goals so far.

Leicester have been struggling since they defeated Man United. They have been found out. Teams now know how to play against them.

This is going to be a tight game, i think Leicester will take something from this game.


West Ham v Aston Villa [Saturday]

West Ham are in dreamland at the moment and i think that will continue this weekend.

They will be hugely disappointed if they don't beat Villa.

Aston Villa almost won against Spurs in their last game, they would have won the game had Benteke not been sent off.  that would have been great for their confidence. Since they lost, they will go into this game with their morale at an all time low.

Prediction: 2-0

QPR v Man City [Saturday]

QPR are nearly getting there, sooner rather than later they will get a deserved win. They haven't really been poor in their last few games. They are playing against a team in poor form. No matter how good you are if you are short of confidence you will find it hard to get anything right.

Man City are poor at the moment, QPR just have to have the belief that they can win or get a result against City and they will.

This will be an interesting game, but i think it will end in a draw.


Sunderland v Everton [Sunday]

Sunderland were fortunate to win against Palace in their last game. The win would surely have given them a lift, a much needed lift. I think we will see a few errors from them in this game.

Everton are a tough side, they will be hoping they can beat Sunderland after failing to beat Swansea with ten men in their last game but i think their Europa league game will affect their performance in this game.

Prediction: 1-1

Tottenham v Stoke [Sunday]

Tottenham were fortunate to beat Villa in their last game. They are still not playing with a lot of fluency. They still appear jittery.

Stoke so far this season have been unpredictable, i can even say they have been poor. But i think they will get a point in this game.

Prediction: 1-1

West Brom v Newcastle [Sunday]

West Brom have done well so far, their fans will be happy with their season so far.  A win against Newcastle, and they will be thinking they have started really well so far in the season.

Newcastle have started winning games and their morale couldn't be higher. They will go home disappointed if they don't get at least a point in this game.

This is going to be a tight game.

Prediction: 2-1

Swansea v Arsenal [Sunday]

This should be an interesting game. Swansea won't be too worried if they find themselves down by two or three goals at some point in the game because of how Arsenal collapsed against Anderlecht in the  champions league.
 And Arsenal won't be sure of what to do in this game if they find themselves in the lead. They won't know whether to go for more goals or defend their lead.

It promises to be an interesting game. This should be another tight and nervy game for Arsenal.


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