Saturday, 29 November 2014

Premier League Prediction - Week 13


     West Brom v Arsenal [Saturday]

West Brom have been poor of late, they have to step up against Arsenal.

West Brom manager said he knows the weakness of Arsenal, he thinks he knows how to beat Arsenal. Their supporters will be looking forward to that.

Arsenal were unlucky to lose to United last week, they were better than United but still lost. They have been playing that way all season, dominate and yet fail to win. They have to work on that.

This should be an interesting game but i feel Arsenal's win against Dortmund will give them the confidence to beat West Brom.

Prediction : 0-2

Burnley v Aston Villa [Saturday]

Burnley have started playing well, which will be very good for their confidence.

They are at home against Villa, a team that is struggling, they will be hoping they can win the game.

Aston Villa just don't know how to win games at the moment, their form is relegation form. The earlier they step up, the better.

Prediction : 2-1

Liverpool v Stoke [Saturday]

Liverpool are really struggling, should they draw or lose this game, Rodgers will be in trouble.

They are out of form, can't defend and also struggling to score goals. This is a game they can't afford to lose.

Stoke have been inconsistent all season, they seem to play better away from home.  They will have to be at their best to take something from this game.

Prediction : 2-1

Man United v Hull [Saturday]

  Man United have to win this, they have to show people and their fans that their win against Arsenal wasn't a fluke.

They are at home against a team that is struggling, it is a game their fans expect them to win.

Hull have been poor of late, they are really struggling. A draw in this game for them will boost their confidence.

Prediction: 2-1

QPR V Leicester [Saturday]

A game between two teams desperately in need of points. This should be very interesting.

Both teams will fancy their chances. Harry will be under a lot of pressure if he fails to beat Leicester.

Prediction: 1-1

Swansea v Crystal Palace [Saturday]

Swansea tried against City in their last game but still lost. They are a decent side.  They will be disappointed if they don't beat Palace.

Palace aren't doing too badly at the moment, they will give Swansea a game. This will be interesting but i think Swansea will edge it.

Prediction : 2-1

West Ham v Newcastle [ Saturday]

West Ham did well against Everton even though they lost. They will fancy their chances against Newcastle.

Newcastle can't stop winning at the moment, they are really in great form. This will be a tough game for them and i think they will lose this game.

Prediction : 2-1

Sunderland v Chelsea [Saturday]

Everyone expects Sunderland to win this game because of Chelsea's magnificent form.

Football can be funny at times, this may not turn out as people are expecting.

Sunderland will play with a lot of freedom since people are not expecting much from them.

Chelsea has been great since the start of the season, they will be sorely disappointed if they don't win this game.

Prediction:  1-2

Southampton v Man City [Sunday]

This should be a great game, 2nd v 3rd. Southampton will be tested in this game.

They have had a great season so far, but if they beat City, many will start saying they can finish in the top four.

City got a good win against Bayern, that would do their confidence a lot of good.  They will be happy with this fixture too. They will want to show people they can still retain their title this season.

Prediction : 2-2

Tottenham v Everton [Sunday]

Tottenahm haven't been playing well, they have been lucky in some games, they have won two games after their opponents got a red card. They have to step up. They have not been convincing at home, they must improve on that.

Everton, like Spurs, played in the Europa league on thursday, this will affect their game a bit.

They won't be as sharp/fluent as they would love to be.  I still fancy them to win because Spurs have been poor at home.

Prediction : 1=2



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