Monday, 23 February 2015

Romanian Man Auctions His Virginity For €2,000

Romanian Man

A security guard is selling his VIRGINITY after reading about women doing the same - but his cherry comes at a high price.

Romanian Sorin Georgian Salinievici, 24, wants €2,000 (£1,476) - and says the winning bid must be from someone who "looks decent".

"I read about girls doing this and thought if they can do it so can I," said Salinievici, who dropped out of university as he could not afford the fees.

"Regarding her appearance, the woman that buys my virginity has to look decent. I’m not saying she has to be very beautiful, but to look normal and be a nice, honest person."

On posters around his home town of Galati he writes: "It could be a nice present on International Women’s Day on March 8th".

He added: "But really I am doing this to sort out my financial troubles, not for fun, and I want €2,000.

"I won’t give it away for less."

His friend Vasile Han, 25, told local media: "He has had relationships with girls before but he never found ‘the one’ he wanted to have sex with.

"He takes sex seriously and strongly believes that you should save yourself for the right person.

"That he is now offering his virginity for cash just shows how desperate he is for money.

One lady has already contacted Sorin, who earns minimum wage of just £120 per month, about taking his virginity.

"I have had one offer from a 29-year-old woman in the capital Bucharest, but I rejected it because she only offered €1,125 (£830)," he said.

Sorin lives alone after moving out of his foster parents' home.

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