Monday, 2 March 2015

Nicole Murphy Steps Out With 'New Man'

Nicole Murphy Steps Out With 'New Man'
Nicole Murphy likes 'em big ... real big ... and younger from the looks of things down on Miami Beach.

The reality star was hanging with enormously buff Brit model David McIntosh over the weekend. Considering she split with ex-NFL stud Michael Strahan last August ... it definitely looks like the lady has a type.

But sources connected to Nicole tell us despite their perfect physiques (she's freakin' 47) being so close ... they only hooked up for a photo shoot. No banging. Not yet.

The two of them together though -- quite a body of work.

If Nicole Murphy were to be a website, she would be TMZ. The similarity between TMZ & Nicole Murphy is the way they give us exclusive updates. Nicole changes men the same way TMZ updates their Website. Hi Nicole..

Culled From TMZ

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