Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hospital Patient Wins $7M Lottery

Hospital Patient
A hospital patient recovering from a hernia operation soon felt a lot better when the lottery ticket tucked into a get well soon card won him $7m (£4.7m).
 Joseph Amorese, of Easton, Pennsylvania, was recovering from a hernia operation when his father gave him the card with the winning ticket inside.
 The 46-year-old scratched off the numbers to find he had won $7million, Sky News reports.
Recalling the life-changing moment, the lucky winner said: "I was pretty shocked to say the least.
"I had surgery so I didn't jump up and down, but in my mind I was jumping up and down.

"All the pain I felt, I did not feel for at least a couple of days."

The Verizon employee said he called his wife, a social worker, and was met with a stunned silence as he told her they were millionaires.

He said he and his wife would continue working despite the windfall.

The $7,000,000 Golden Ticket" was bought from a Just A Dollar store in New York City.

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