Saturday, 21 March 2015

Fan Angry With Peter Okoye's Outfit

 Peter Okoye's
Famous Peter Okoye of the PSquare duo was recently in the relaxation mood with friends and loved ones when he visited a club on Friday, 20th March and what got people talking was his choice of wear to the club.

The dancing one of the pair, who has often times been likened to international act, Usher Raymond, wore a red men's mesh see-through top and the tongues have come wagging about a married man adorning such wear which is tagged for the 'gay' people.
He was asked to leave the see-through to the weird media personality, Denerele, who would have been seen befitting in the dress. One of the fan asked if he was 'gay', going on to question his s3xual orientation since he is married. 

A female openly declared her love for him when she announced that she missed out on the chance of seeing him at the same club and wrote out her telephone number for him to probably give her a call.

The rising trend in adorning see-through dress was also noticeably in vogue as Denrele and Aduni Ade were spotted rocking the weird couture to the surprise of many.


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