Monday, 23 February 2015

Thug Bite Shopkeeper On The Head

 Thug & Shopkeeper
This is the shocking moment a pair of vile thugs stormed into an off licence and bit the owner on the head.

Brave Kanapathipillai Thivakaran has released the CCTV footage in a desperate bid to track the savage men who brutally attacked him in his store.

Mr Thivakaran, 40, was re-stocking his store at around 3am on January 10 when two young men saw his lights on.

They began banging on the door asking for cigarettes, but when Mr Thivakaran opened the door to usher them away, they burst in and tried to steal money and cigarettes.

Mr Thivakaran was punched to the ground as he bravely grappled with them and then grabbed a baseball bat to defend himself.

The bat snapped and the shopkeeper was hit with it and one of the thugs then bit him on the head and left him with a gaping wound.

He held a paper bag to his head to stem the blood as he waited for police to arrive at Haran's All in One Store in Wisbech, Cambs.

By the time they turned up the two thugs had fled from the area.

Mr Thivakaran spent six hours in hospital and needed stitches to his head wound.

He said: "I am so scared now. I don't want to work in the shop when nobody else is around.

"I just want to get home and be safe because the police aren't protecting me. I mean how can I protect myself?

"I was shocked when he bit me on the head. They were drunk and there was no reason for them to attack me.

"My bat snapped and then they hit me with that too.

"I just want them to be caught but I don't think the police are taking it seriously enough."

Police said officers were reviewing the CCTV but "enquiries are still ongoing."

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