Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Fabregas Involved In Road Rage


Chelsea player Cesc Fabregas has been accused of being involved in a road rage row with a bus driver in London which allegedly saw him swear at a bus driver and then punch the windscreen of his double decker bus.

Martin Hughes, a bus driver, claims the footballer cut ahead of him in his Aston Martin Vanquish in south London forcing him to the kerb, and then started swearing at him when he tapped at his window to complain about his driving.

Mr Hughes said after Fabregas swore at him he told him he had recorded it all on the on-board bus camera, and told him: 'I know you and I've got it all on camera - and by the way you are a s*** footballer.'

He then claimed Fabregas sped off, only to stop his car shortly afterwards, walk up to the bus and punch the windscreen, the Sun on Sunday reported.

Mr Hughes said the incident happened on Wednesday lunchtime after the Premier League player allegedly cut ahead of his number 93 bus as he was driving over Putney Bridge.

He said he beeped his horn at Fabregas who made a rude gesture at the bus.

Then when Mr Hughes got out of his cab and tapped on the window of the £150,000 supercar he claims Fabregas swore at him, drove off a short distance and got out of the car to take photos.

Mr Hughes pointed to his on-board camera and claims Fabregas then walked up to the bus and punched the windscreen on the driver's side.

Fabregas, who has played for Arsenal and Barcelona, then sped off in the supercar.

Mr Hughes said there was no damage to the bus or windscreen, and reported the incident to his bosses who said they are investigating.

Fabregas had been injured the night before the incident in a cup win against Liverpool.

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