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Premier League Predictions – Week 23

 Premier League Predictions – Week 23

Hull v Newcastle [Saturday]
Hull were unlucky to lose 3-0 to West Ham in their last game, they played well but lost. 
Against Newcastle, they will be hoping they can win the game. This is going to be a close game.
Newcastle didn't also deserve to lose against Southampton but they lost in the end. I see Hull going all out to win this, their home advantage will be key.

Prediction: 2-1

Crystal Palace v Everton [Saturday]
Crystal Palace are playing like a different team at the moment, Alan Pardew looks like a magician with the way he has turned things around since his arrival.
They are on a good run, confidence will be sky high. A win against Everton and people will start seeing Pardew as a fantastic manager.
Everton are on a terrible run of form, they are really poor this season. They have been poor for a while. They really have to step up, they are very close to teams at the bottom.
After spending 28mil on Lukaku they don't seem like they will be buying anybody this transfer window, maybe they are out of cash. They have to start winnig games again.
Prediction: 1-1

Liverpool v WestHam [Saturday]
Liverpool have started playing well again, despite losing to Chelsea in the league cup. they are playing with confidence and purpose. 
Daniel Sturridge is back in training, they have missed him since his injury. His presence in their team will make a huge difference. Sterling will start playing with more freedom and less pressure
now that Sturridge is back.
West Ham won't make the game easy for Liverpool, they are playing well too. This should be an interesting game.
Prediction: 2-1

Stoke v QPR [Saturday]
If Stoke doesn't win this game, their fans won't be happy because QPR have been poor all season. Stoke will be disappointed even with a draw in this game.
QPR just can't win games at the moment. Harry Redknapp is lucky to have an owner that likes him, if not he would have been sacked a long time ago.
This really looks like it is going to be really easy for Stoke. 
Prediction: 2-0

Sunderland v Burnley [Saturday]
Sunderland will certainly see this game as a game they can win.They are playing a team that they won't be scared of, they will be hoping they can bag three points after the game.
Burnley are on the up, they have been good of late, Just as Sunderland will be thinking they can beat Burnley, Burnley will be thinking the same too.
This is a game between to evenly matched teams, it can go either way.
Prediction: 1-1

Man United v Leicester [Saturday]
Man United have got to win this game, anything less than a win will be seriously frowned at. I think United will be looking forward to this.
I'm sure they still remeber how Leicester destroyed them when they visited Leicester. 
After beating Man United many weeks ago, Leicester lost focus and form. They became terrible and only started getting decent results of late.
Deep down, the Leicester players will be hoping they can pull off another great surprise, but United will be ready for them.
Prediction: 2-1

West Brom v Tottenham [Saturday]
West Brom are looking decent again, some weeks ago they look lost.They are playing with belief again. 
Tottenham are in the league cup final, a chance to win a trophy which is a good thing. I think their midweek game in the league cup semi-final will affect them.
They won't be as sharp as they would want to be. This might just give West Brom the edge over Spurs.
Prediction: 1-1

Chelsea v Man City [Saturday]
This is the match of the weekend without a doubt. A win for Chelsea and the title may just be theirs.
Diego Costa won't play after he was banned for three games for his stamp on Emre Can of Liverpool. They will miss him. 
It also looks like Fabregas won't play too, this will affect them without a doubt. Two key players will be missing for them.
City have been on a poor run of late, i don't think they will be heading to London with so much confidence. 
I see the two sides playing cautiously, City won't want to lose and be 8 points behind Chelsea and Chelsea won't want to commit too much players in attack.
Mourinho And Pellegrini won't compalin if the match ends in a draw. They will be playing not to lose.
Prediction: 1-1

Arsenal v Aston Villa [Sunday]
Arsenal are on a good run, they are playing very well again. And they have some of their injured players coming back.
Things are looking good again for them. They are at home to Aston Villa, anything less than a win will come as a surprise to many.
Aston Villa are finding things tough,  they are woeful at the moment. Sadly for them, Arsenal will be looking to increase their misery.
Prediction: 3-0

Southampton v Swansea [Sunday]
Southampton have surprised many this season, they seem to be even getting better, especially in the league. 
Their fans can't beleive what they are seeing at the moment, they are in dream land. I think they will be disappointed if they don't win this game. 
Swansea will be hoping they can redeem their image after losing 5-0 to Chelsea in their last game. An early go for Southampton will kill their confidence.
Swansea will want to keep things tight at the back, they will want to go home with something. 
Prediction: 2-1

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