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Premier League Predictions - Week 1

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Man United v Swansea (Saturday)

Louis van Gaal will make sure Man United does not  have a disastrous time in the premier league this season as they did under Moyes last season.  He is clearly better than Moyes, i expect them to do extremely well this season, i don't see them winning the league though, they can finish in the top four.

Against Swansea at Old Trafford, all the fans will be behind them and they will be under some form of pressure to deliver in front of their fans, not just to deliver, but to deliver in spectacular fashion.

I don't see Swansea posing any threat in this game, because the fans, the players and manager of Man United will be fired up for the game.

Prediction : 2-0


 QPR v Hull

 QPR returned to the premier league via the play-offs, and as usual, they have been spending money on players. So far, they have bought wisely, unlike before, i see them doing well this season.

The game against Hull will be very tight, i don't see much difference between the two teams.

Hull will be going into the game thinking they can get three points, in the end, they will cancel each other out.

Prediction: 1-1


 Stoke v Aston Villa

 Stoke had a good season last season, i see them having another one too, this time around. They have brought in some decent players, and if they get Victor Moses, they will be even stronger.

Aston Villa will want to start the season on a good note, they will be hoping to go home with at least a point. 

The top - six sides find it hard at Stoke, i don't think Villa will go home with anything.

Prediction: 2-0


 West Brom v Sunderland

 West Brom have done well in the transfer market, so have Sunderland, but i still see both of them struggling to stay up this season. I'm not saying they will get relegated, but they will be fighting for their lives this season, they won't finish in the top-half for me.

This is another game that will be very close,  but i think West Brom will just edge it.

Prediction: 2-1


Leicester v Everton

Everton had poor pre-season results, i don't think that counts, i   see them doing well this season. Though i'm not so sure Lukaku is worth 28mil.

Leicester will be hoping to start well because they will need all the points they can get as everyone expects them to struggle this season.

Everton will want to start well, playing a promoted side in their first game of the season, they will fancy their chances.

Prediction: 1-2


West Ham v Tottenham

A London derby just like the Arsenal v Palace game. This surely will be an exciting game.

Tottenham took all the headlines during last season's transfer market because they brought in a lot of players. This time around, they have been quiet. But i like their manager, i see them surprising a lot of people this season, they may not finish in the top four, but they will have a good season.

Finishing in the top four will be very, very difficult this season. What is sure is one of Man United, Arsenal, City, Liverpool or Chelsea will not finsh in the top four this year. If one of those five teams will miss out this season, Tottenham won't be too bitter about not finshing in the top four, as long as they put up a proper fight.

There is talk of Allardyce getting sacked and they have asked him to play ''pretty football'' this season, i don't understand why he is under pressure and why they are asking him to play pretty football, clearly, that is not his style. If he tries to play pretty football against Spurs, i see them losing this game.

Prediction: 2-2


Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Tony Pulis's  resignation as Palace manager is still a shock to many, i personally would have stayed, despite the lack of funds, they finished well last season i don't know what he wants from Palace this season, a top-seven finish? Maybe. Perhaps, he has offers or assurances from some owners of one or two bigger clubs about taking over at their clubs in the nearest future, maybe that was why he resigned, who knows?

If Pulis had not resigned, they would have made the game much more difficult for Arsenal, but now there is so much confusion in their camp, i see Arsenal strolling through in this game.

Prediction: 4-0


Liverpool v Southampton (Sunday)

This is going to be an emotional game for the players that left Southampton to join Liverpool.

Southampton will want to show their fans and the world that they have moved on, but it is going to be a tough match for them because Liverpool will also want to show their fans and the world that they can cope without Suarez.

It is goin to be an interesting game, i see Liverpool winning though.



Newcastle v Man City

Newcastle have brought in some good players but they may need time to bed them in.

Man city were terrible against Arsenal in the community shield, and i don't think they are fully ready yet. If Newcastle have a full go at them they will cause them problems. I won't be shocked if  Man City lose this game.



Burnley v Chelsea (Monday)

Chelsea lost the league last season because they failed to beat teams like this, if they approach this game with the same attitude, they may struggle to finish in the top four because the top four this season will be tighter than that of last season.

Chelsea have done well in the transfer market, if they take care of the smaller teams, they might win the league. City are still the favourites to me, Chelsea and Arsenal can win it too. Liverpool or Man United will complete the top four.

For the game against Burnley, i see Chelsea winning this, they will have too much fire power for Burnley.

Prediction: 0-2

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