Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Woman Stabbed In the Eye By Her Father-in-law


A Sikh grandfather who blinded his daughter-in-law in front of her children because he thought she was having an affair with a Muslim has been jailed for nearly 11 years.

Manjit Singh Mirgind, 51, dragged Jageer Mirgind into her own kitchen where he slashed at her wrists and stabbed at her eyes screaming 'I am going to kill you'.

Mrs Mirgind’s children, just three and six years old, watched the horrific attack at their mother's home in Kensington Gardens, Ilford, East London, and pleaded with their grandfather to stop.

The mother has been left partially-sighted in both eyes while the children can no longer sleep alone and have recurring nightmares.

The crazed attacker was convinced his daughter-in-law was 'sleeping with a Paki' and that she had 'ruined his family'.

Tragically, Mirgind misunderstood the situation when his daughter was the victim of a series of prank calls.

After punching her in the face he dragged her into the kitchen where he savagely kicked her before grabbing a knife.

He eventually left and went home as his wife called an ambulance for Mrs Mirgind.

He later turned himself in at the police station and told them exactly what had happened.

 Judge Nigel Peters QC said: 'You have accepted that you have caused the most serious injuries to your daughter in law.

Father-of-four Mirgind stared at the floor as he was jailed for ten years and eight months at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Crown lawyer Jonathan Turner said Mrs Mirgind's children had suffered, having begged the defendant to stop and they saw the blood everywhere.

‘Their life has changed and they cannot sleep alone while the marriage of their parents has disintegrated.’

Mrs Mirgind has since moved to Nottingham with her two children.

The court heard the defendant Mirgind had been an leading member of the Sikh community and often drove young worshippers to the temple.

In a statement read by his lawyer Edward Boateng-Addo, he said: ‘I am a hard-working family man who left his job to care for his ill mother seven years ago.

‘I was stressed out at the time and nothing can excuse what I did.

‘I was trying to protect her - I am a peaceful and honest man and I know I will not have the chance to apologise but I do look to the court to say how sorry I am.

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