Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Soccer Fan Murders Wife & Children

 Triple murder suspect Carlo Lissi, 31, on his wedding day with his wife, mother-of-two Cristina Omes. He is accused of killing her and their two children

An Italian soccer fan, who allegedly cut his wife and children's throats in a triple murder, tried to use the England-Italy game as an alibi.

The bodies of mother-of-two Cristina Omes, 38, and the couple's children, five-year-old Giulia and Gabriele, 20 months, were found at their home in the residential area of Motta Visconti near Milan.

All three were found with their throats slit as well as other stab wounds, Italian newspaper Il Mesaggero reported. 

Computer consultant Carlo Lissi has been charged with the triple murder.
Following hours of questioning the 31-year-old allegedly confessed to the killing, telling police to give him 'the maximum sentence'.

The father-of-two told detectives he had killed his wife first, followed by the two children late on Saturday night, it is alleged. 
He then left home at around 11.30pm, stopping en route to the game to throw the murder weapon, a knife, down a manhole, police sources told Italian newspaper La Stampa.

The young professional watched the game with friends in a nearby town. When he returned home shortly after 2am to 'find' the bodies, he called police. 
Lissi allegedly told police he committed the horrific triple murder because he was in love with a colleague, sources told Italian newspaper La Stampa. 
A safe at the home was open with a small amount of money missing, but investigators had focussed on a private motive early on because of the murder of the baby, police sources told Italian media. 
And the lack of a murder weapon caused them to rule out a murder-suicide by the young mother.

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