Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Six brothers arrested for sexually abusing girl

  Eric JacksonJon Jackson

A North Carolina family have been charged over claims that six brothers sexually abused a girl for nearly a decade, while their parents failed to intervene.

The abuse, which allegedly started when the girl was four years old, came to light after one of the brothers confessed to a pastor in 2012 that he had sinned.

During the years of the alleged abuse, which continued until the victim was 14, the family lived in a dilapidated house in Perquimans County, where neighbors say they kept to themselves. 

One of the brothers allegedly told police that his mother had witnessed the abuse on at least one occasion but just walked away. 

Nita Jackson, 54, and her husband John, 65, are facing charges of felony child neglect and have been released on a $15,000 bond each. 

Eric Jackson, who is now 27, was charged with three counts rape of a child, three counts of statutory rape of a child less than six years old and three counts of sex offense.

Jon Jackson, 25, has been charged with first degree sex offense; Mathew Jackson, 23, was charged with five counts of rape of a child; and Nathaniel Jackson, 21, was charged with two counts of first degree sexual offense and three counts of statutory rape.

  Matthew JacksonNathaniel Jackson
The younger brothers, Benjamin and Aaron Jackson, both 19, have each been charged with three counts statutory rape. 

'Personally, I lay the blame on the parents, and their charges are less than what the boys are going to get,' Sheriff Eric Tilley told WKTR.

'It’s their responsibilities to raise those kids and somewhere along the line, they failed.'

He added that one of the brothers had confessed to a pastor in 2012, who advised him to contact police. When police first tried to interview the victim, the couple allegedly prevented her from talking. 

'How many people are going to walk into a law enforcement office and say "I had sex with [a child]?" It just doesn’t happen. 

'These kids, they do have a belief in the Bible. They knew it was wrong and they had to get it out.' Sheriff Tilley said.

The brothers are being held on $150,000 bond while they wait for their arraignment. 

 Nita Jackson John Mark Jackson

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