Saturday, 3 May 2014

Premier League Predictions - Week 37


West Ham v Tottenham [Saturday]

Two managers under pressure, Allardyce from his fans and Sherwood, from his bosses.

West Ham have been poor in recent weeks, this is a London derby, a win will make the fans happy and a loss will make them even more angry.

I think West Ham stopped playing as soon as they knew they would not be relegated, they have to sit up and start playing well again.

Tottenham will fancy their chances against the hammers, they will be looking to win this game.

Prediction : 1-1

Aston Villa v Hull [Saturday]

These two teams are relatively safe, they won't be going for each other's necks in this game.

Hull, frankly will have their eyes on the FA cup final.  This game won't be too entertaining, hope i'm wrong though.

Prediction : 2-1

Man United v Sunderland [Saturday]

Man United won comfortably against Norwich last weekend, this game won't be as easy as the last one.

Sunderland nearly beat City at home and won at Chelsea, this is another big test for them.

I don't think they can beat United at home but they will give it a go.

Prediction : 2-0

Newcastle v Cardiff [Saturday]

Newcastle were terrible against Arsenal, and after that game many fans were calling for the head of Pardew.

I don't see Newcastle being so poor as they were  against Arsenal in this game, they are at home, i expect them to perform better.

Cardiff still believe they can avoid the drop, if they really think so, then they have to beat Newcastle.

Prediction: 2-1

Stoke v Fulham [Saturday]

Stoke lost to Spurs at home last weekend, they will be hoping to avoid doing so again against Fulham.

This is going to be a battle, Fulham have got to win, they will really fight in this game.

Fulham blew their chances of survival against Hull when they surrendered a two goal lead. I'm sure that is still bothering the players and coach.

I expect Fulham to step up in this game but i don't know if it will be enough.

Prediction: 1-1

Swansea v Sothampton [Saturday]

I see goals in this game, this game is between two teams that loves to attack. And both are not worrying about relegation or have any ambition of getting into Europe.

This will be very open, Swansea will be hoping to win and the Saints too.

Prediction: 2-2

 Everton v Man City [Saturday]

 This is a huge, huge game. This game will decide if Everton will finish in the top four and the game will also decide if Man City will win the league.

 A loss for Everton and their top four hopes will be over and Man City will almost certainly win the league.

Everton will come all out against City and City too will do the same. What a game this is going to be.

This is surely going to be a cracker.  The team that wants it more will win it. And i suspect that is City. Everton know they are almost out of the top four, but City still has the title in their hands.

Prediction: 2-3


Arsenal v West Brom [Sunday]

Arsenal is playing well again after some of their key players returned from injury. Who knows where Arsenal would be in the league had their key players not got injured?

I expect this to be a routine win for Arsenal. I don't see West Brom posing any threats.

West Brom is almost safe, they won't be too bothered about losing this game, this is why i see this as an easy game for Arsenal.

Prediction: 4-0

Chelsea v Norwich [Sunday]

Mourinho is under pressure for the first time after losing to Sunderland and Atletico Madrid in their last two home games.

After he was accused of parking the bus in their last two games, Mourinho will want to prove to people that he can play expansive football. He won't set up his team to defend, that is for sure.

I don't think Norwich will beat Chelsea but they will be hoping to capitalise on the uncertainty surrounding Stamford Bridge at the moment.

 A draw will be a disaster for Chelsea and great for Norwich.

Prediction: 2-0

Crystal Palace v Liverpool [Monday]

How Liverpool will approach this game depends on the result in the match between Everton and City.

If City win, i don't see Liverpool winning this game, but if City lose, they will be up for it.

Palace won't be easy to play against though, after losing to City, Tony Pulis will approach this game differently.

This is going to be a tight game.

Prediction: 1-1

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