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Britain’s most terrifying divorcee!

 Alisa Thiry received £40m from her first husband and wants her second jailed for concealing assets

She was born Alisa Chapman in Cheltenham in 1964 but changed her name to Green after her mother’s marriage to Ronald Green in 1973.

Alisa met Stephen Marks in 1989 at the launch of the short-lived Mirabella magazine. He is said to have been so smitten that he proposed that very evening. She was 25 and single. He was 20 years older, with a daughter from a long-term relationship with the fashion designer Nicole Farhi.

And after founding the French Connection fashion label in 1969, he was already fabulously rich.

 Alisa Thiry, pictured with her first husband Stephen Marks, has had her second husband Didier Thiry jailed, in a court battle over their £45m assets

Following their marriage in 1993, the couple had three children, Ella, now 19, Joshua, 17, and Ava, 12, and set up home in The Boltons in West London — one of the capital’s most rarefied addresses, where Alisa enjoyed giving lavish dinner parties. The family had holidays at their homes on St Barts and at The Hamptons outside New York.

In the mid-Nineties, French Connection launched a new slogan — FCUK.

The controversy it caused gave the company acres of free publicity and French Connection flourished.

Mr Marks’s fortune was said to be £300 million.

They were friends with Madonna and Sting.

But in 2004 it emerged that Alisa had left the marital home, taking the children with her.

Later that year, Mr Marks was forced to sell the £40 million worth of shares, reducing his stake in his company from 51 per cent to just over 40 per cent, to fund his divorce.

Unfortunately, Alisa’s second husband, Belgian businessman Didier Thiry, from whom she recently parted, is being much more difficult than the obliging Mr Marks.

The division of the couple’s £45million marital assets is proving particularly problematic.

The key bone of contention is a £13.8million loan a company owned by Alisa made to a company owned by Didier.

At a hearing of the Family Division of the High Court on Wednesday, Alisa’s barrister — at her behest — said Mr Thiry was in contempt of court for failing to disclose information relating to this loan and urged the judge to jail him.

The judge agreed, and sentenced Mr Thiry, 52, to four months in jail.

After getting husband No 1 to hand over a fortune, she’s managed to get No 2 banged up in prison.

That, surely, is a first.

Except it isn’t quite as simple as that.

Their divorce is far from settled — millions remain at stake. And, more than this, it transpires that Mr Thiry is currently in Brussels and cannot be jailed until he returns to the UK.

The battle between this warring couple is about to become even bloodier than it already is.

The news that Alisa Thiry is now embroiled in a second epic divorce battle involving many millions of pounds has been met with little surprise in certain quarters among their circle.

Indeed, there are unkind mutterings that Alisa is a woman who weighs up a potential husband’s suitability according to the size of his wallet.

‘It didn’t go unnoticed that she took Stephen to the cleaners,’ says one who knows her.

‘She told her friends she was going to take him for everything she could — and she did. He was devastated. There are no feelings of warmth between Alisa and Stephen now —  just loathing.

‘No one was surprised when Alisa married another multi-millionaire. She has an uncanny way of latching on to money. I think Didier was probably warned, but sadly paid no attention.’

 Given Alisa’s proven record for attracting multi-millionaires, who could rule out another one coming her way and becoming husband number three?

Culled From Dailymail

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