Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Widow Battles Policeman for Stealing N670,000 Exhibit

SCID, Panti

Mrs Peters said, “I lent one banker some money in 2010 and he promised to pay it back. When I realised that he was not willing to pay back the money, I wrote a petition to the police and the matter was transferred to the SCID, Lagos, in December 2010.

“Emmanuel Nkere, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, was in charge of the case at D6. Subsequently, the banker was arrested and he made a part payment of N150, 000 cash and promised to pay the balance later. Nkere, however, kept the money as exhibit.

“On May 2011, the banker met with Nkere and wrote a cheque of N550, 000, but Nkere told him that the Zenith Bank cheque must be written in his (Nkere’s) name and on June 2, 2011, Nkere cashed the cheque.”

Peters, who said she was ignorant of the transaction, said she continued to pester the banker for her money. She said she was surprised when he told her that he had paid his debt in full and even showed her evidence of the transaction.

She said the policeman gave her N40,000 two months later, but then refused to pay any money for several months.

She said, “For several months, I continued to pester Nkere for my money, but he kept on giving me excuses, saying he had registered the money at exhibit department of the SCID and there was a procedure for getting the money back.

“In 2012, I learnt that Nkere had been transferred from the SCID and it became more difficult to get my money from him. Most times, when I called him, he would say he was in Maiduguri, sometimes, he would not even pick my calls.”

Peters told PUNCH Metro that in late 2012, her husband, who was a soldier, fell ill and needed money for treatment.

She said she pleaded with Nkere, but he did not pay her a dime.

“Unfortunately, in 2013, I lost my husband. After that, I asked Nkere to give me some money so that I would be able to bury my husband at his hometown in Otukpo, Benue State, he continued to make excuses,” she said.

She said after much pressure, the policeman was able to pay another N145, 000 in piecemeal.

She said when she realised that Nkere was not serious about returning the money, she wrote a petition to the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the SCID on November 26, 2013.

She said when the petition was not acted upon, she wrote a petition to the Commissioner of Police, Force Provost, Force Headquarters Annex, Kam Salem House, Obalende on February 4, 2014.

“When Nkere was summoned at the provost office, he sent a lawyer to represent him. I don’t know why the police are not taking the matter seriously.

“All I want is my money because I am out of options. I am still being owed N485, 000,” she said.
 ere, who later spoke to our correspondent on the telephone, said he had refunded most of the money.

He said, “I have been posted to the north where I am attached to the Joint Task Force. Indeed, I recovered money for Sandra (Peters), but before I could register it as exhibit, a friend of mine, Inspector James, begged me to lend him the money.

“James said he needed it to take care of his sick mother and he would return it immediately, but he failed to honour his promise. The matter is under investigation at the force headquarters annex and my superiors have told me to refund the money.

“I have bank tellers to prove that I have paid most of the money back. I think all that remains now is just about N150, 000. Also, I did not know that Sandra’s (peter’s) husband was sick. I fear God, if I had known, I would have given her something.”

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