Friday, 25 April 2014

Five Male Students Gang Rape Male Colleague

Five male students of a Nigerian university landed into a big soup when they allegedly gang raped another young boy who nearly bled to death from the injuries he sustained from the assault.
Leadership learnt that one of the students, a 2nd year student whose name was given as Friday Desmond, had been lovers with the raped boy who name was given as George. 
He had promised to marry George as soon as he graduated from university. Their illicit love affair had been going on smoothly with both of them meeting regularly at selected place.

On that fateful day, however, Friday took four of his friends to Bwari Area Council where George lived with his parents and lured George to a hotel in the neighbourhood.

 LEADERSHIP learnt that the five students took turns to rape George.

After the incident George was allowed to go. At home, he discovered that he was bleeding from his anus. He quickly alerted his parents who tried every first aid measure to stop the bleeding to no avail.

They quickly rushed George to a nearby medical centre where the health officials put him on intensive care.

The parents immediately reported the matter in a police station in the area council and the operative swung into action and arrested Friday.

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