Saturday, 29 March 2014

Premier League Predictions - Week 32

Man United v Aston Villa [Saturday]

David Moyes said even Sir Alex would struggle this season if he was still managing United, that's so wrong and naïve of him to say.
Man U wouldn't been playing poorly if they had Fergie.

They were taken apart by City in the Manchester derby, but I don't expect Villa to do the same.

Aston Villa is really unpredictable, they beat Chelsea then lost to Stoke.

They will try to attack United, but United will beat them.

Prediction: 2-0

Crystal Palace v Chelsea [Saturday]

Palace have to start picking up points, if they don't, they might go down.

They host Chelsea, which obviously will be tough for them, but they must try to get something from the game.

Chelsea is under pressure now more than ever, they can't afford to be dropping points. City and Liverpool are just right behind them, they will regret any slip up.

Prediction: 0-2

Southampton v Newcastle [Saturday]

Southampton have had a great season, they have done really well. They have a good coach.

They will certainly see this game as one they should win.

Newcastle can't complain much about their position this season, their season has been fairly decent.


Stoke v Hull [Saturday]

Stoke won't go down this season, but Hull might.

Stoke went to Villa in their last game and did very well, they will be hoping to continue their run of form of late.

Hull must fancy their chances, they will be saying to themselves, ''we can go home with a point''

Prediction: 2-1

Swansea v Norwich [Saturday]

Swansea played Arsenal at a time they were down, which was why they went home with a point, before then, they have been losing.

I expect them to come out and attack Norwich, because they are playing at home.

Norwich still need points, their last run of games are horrendous, they must start getting points now before they start playing those games against the top teams.

Prediction: 1-1

West Brom v Cardiff [Saturday]

West Brom must win this game, no two ways about it, they must absolutely win this game, if not, they are in trouble. If they can't beat Cardiff at home, then they are doomed.

Cardiff will go into this game believing they can win it, they are playing against fellow strugglers.

This game is going to be really exciting.

Prediction: 1-1

Arsenal v Man City [Saturday]

Arsenal's confidence is terribly short, and they have a huge list of injured players.

Man City is playing Arsenal at the right time. They have been poor away from home in the big games this season, but they have been decent at home against them.

City will be happy with a point here, but they will surely believe they can win.

If Arsenal turns up, City will be in trouble, but if they play as they have been doing in the big games, they will lose for sure.

Prediction: 1-1

Fulham v Everton [Sunday]

There are too many teams struggling this season, Fulham is one of them.

They must beat Everton if they want to remain in the premier league.

They are at home, no excuses.

Everton can Challenge Arsenal for the top four if they win this, they will be motivated by that.

Prediction: 1-1

Liverpool v Tottenham [Sunday]

Liverpool have a huge chance of winning the league if only they can handle the pressure.

They have to win this, a draw won't be good enough , a draw might be good if Chelsea and City draw or lose their games.

Spurs have a slim chance of top four, they have to get something from the game if they want to keep that hope alive.


Sunderland v West Ham [Monday]

Sunderland thought a trophy might ease the disappointment of relegation before they played the capital one cup final and their FA cup game against Hull.

They thought they had a chance to win something, now all that is gone. If they go down, it will be hard to come back up.

They have to start winning games now and fast.

West Ham still needs a couple of points to be sure of their safety, they will be hoping to get something from this game.

Prediction: 1-0


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