Friday, 21 March 2014

Premier League Predictions - Week 31

Chelsea v Arsenal [Saturday]

This is a massive, massive game for both clubs, both are contending for the league title, Chelsea can't afford to lose, neither can Arsenal.

This is going to be a tight game, both might want to settle for a draw, because a loss would be devastating for the team that loses.

Chelsea will be under more pressure to attack because they are at home, but i can't see them attacking Arsenal, if they do, i see them losing.

Wenger has never won against Mourinho in the premier league, and Mourinho is yet to lose a game at home in the league. But i see this remarkable home record coming to an end against Arsenal.

Wenger will be in charge of his 1,000th game as Arsenal manager, i believe his players will be more than determined to win this game for Wenger, especially after Mourinho called Wenger a specialist in failure.

There is more than three points at stake in this game, there is personal pride too.

If there is a perfect time to beat Mourinho and destroy his home record, it is now.

Prediction: 0-1

 Cardiff v Liverpool [Saturday]

Cardiff have improved of late, but they are not getting results. They were unlucky against Everton.

They face a very dangerous Liverpool team in fantastic form, they will have to be very fantastic and dogged, to get anything from this game.

Liverpool were great against United last weekend, i see them winning this game.

Cardiff will make it tough for Liverpool, but with Liverpool's attack, they will find a way.


Everton v Swansea [Saturday]

Everton now have to see  if they can qualify for Europa league, if they do, it will be great.

They host Swansea, who will be determined to get  at least a point because they are in danger of being dragged into the relegation fight, it will be a tight game.


Hull v West Brom [Saturday]

Hull's owner still wants to change their name, he should be focusing on what is happening on the pitch, because if they don't start winning games, they will be in trouble.

The team needs to be focused, not distracted.

This is a game they have to win, if they don't, they might start panicking.

West Brom's new coach got his first win last week, they will be motivated by that and they will take that confidence into this game.

Prediction: 1-1


Man City v Fulham [Saturday]

Man City has to win this, no excuses.

They play United on Tuesday, in one of the games they have in hand, that game won't be easy despite United's poor form in the league. So they must start with  a win against Fulham.

Fulham's manager got his first win in the league last week, it will help the confidence of his players. But it is going to be very tough for them against City.

Prediction: 2-0

Newcastle v Crystal Palace [Saturday]

  Newcastle have done well this season, they started poorly, but they have been good for a while now.

They will fancy their chances against Palace.

Palace have to take something from this game, some weeks ago they were looking safe, that is no longer the case.  They have to start getting results, otherwise they will find themselves at the bottom.

Prediction: 1-1

Norwich v Sunderland [Saturday]

This is a huge game for both teams, a draw won't do either team any good, but it is better than a loss.

Norwich, particularly, will see this as a must-win game.

Sunderland will be confident of a result in this game, but i see this as a very close game. Hard to call.


West Ham v Man United [Saturday]

West Ham have to take a point from this game, they are playing United without RVP, they will think they can hurt United.

Man U overturned their 0-2 loss to Olympiakos in the Champions league by winning 3-0 it was a fantastic result for them, that will boost their confidence.

RVP  gives United a lot of threat up front, they will miss hm because of his injury.

Prediction: 1-1


Tottenham v Southampton [Sunday]

Tottenham lost to Arsenal last weekend, but they gave it their all, Arsenal defended really well in that game.

Their fans will maybe pardon them for losing to a great team, but any loss to the Saints will be unpardonable.

Southampton is playing really well, this is going to be an exciting match.

Prediction: 1-1

Aston Villa v Stoke [Sunday]

Aston villa did really well against Chelsea, they were fantastic in that game.

They will want to repeat the same performance against Stoke, if they produce anything close to how they performed against Chelsea, i see them winning this too.

Stoke will be going into this game in confident mood, they are playing well at the moment.

They will expect to get at least a point in this game.


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