Wednesday, 5 March 2014

illuminati talk a compliment - Rick Ross


Rick Ross is a rapper, entrepreneur, former correctional officer, father but he has never been a member of a mysterious occult. In a recent interview, Ross not only laughed off the persistent rumors of his affiliation with the Illuminati, but also theorized a scenario in which he would be open to joining the group.

While speaking with Rolling Stone for their upcoming issue, Ross says the Illuminati rumors not only humor him but compliments the rapper’s success:
It’s a compliment. Like, ‘Wow, I made it, I’m in the Illuminati!’ But people who say shit like that, to me, are like people who believe in f*cking magic.

Later in the interview, Ross makes peace with all magicians by stating that “avid Copperfield is a close homey of mine”. The Mastermind rapper even gives a scenario in which he would all the Illuminati members to hang with him at his house:

If the Illuminati was like Men in Black, I would’ve been told them to come to the house. You mean they just pull up and zap you and you’re successful and rich? Shut the f*ck up! You know, I just smile and keep it going, man.

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